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Empower your team by removing repetitive work, digitising workflows, standardising document production and leveraging AI to intelligently automate work.

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Jaam combine great people, and great technology, to turn business problems into automation success.

Through automation we can make companies, departments and individual users more effective.

Our automation consultants work with specific departments or entire companies to help you do what you do, but better. Jaam helps you grow for the future.


Jaam are automation experts. The hottest technologies, finest skills and best people have come together to establish Jaam - a company that puts people at the forefront of automation. We believe that businesses are human and the solutions we build are designed to support the people within your organisation.


Successful transformation can only be achieved using the right tools for the right job. Jaam supports businesses like yours from idea through to automation, starting with the best and most appropriate software. We bring our deep bench of technology and experience to ensure the best possible result for every project.


Purchasing your technology is only half the process. Now it’s time to deliver. Here at Jaam, our automation consultants will help you cross the line and ensure you achieve what you set out to. From building robots to project management, mapping process to automating workflows, Jaam delivers value for your organisation.

Jaam memberships

Automation is not a one-off exercise. Just like growth, it is an ongoing program of work. Jaam memberships are designed to continually support you whether you are solving a single problem, streamlining a department or growing an automated, efficient business. Jaam memberships help you plan for your business’s future


Start your membership free of charge, join our automation community and begin brainstorming ideas, discuss technology, learn what other people are doing and discover what is possible.


Our solve membership helps you get your automation journey started. From idea to automation, we guide you through the initial steps in solving automation problems in your business.


So you’re on your automation journey, but feeling like you could do more? This one is for you. We take the great foundations you have and help you automate more within your business.


Automation is a fundamental part of your business, however, you’re struggling to drive new technology adoption across new areas or move away from the norm. We’ll guide you through any challenges and further innovation within your business.

Automation that empowers

There are two absolutely critical aspects to successful automation in companies: People and technology, but people come first.

We do not provide off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all solutions, because they won’t work for your people. Jaam bring together more than 20 years of experience in making technology work for you.

Personalised and thoughtful systems will allow you to have optimal control and maximise the value and talent within your organisation. Automation strategies and technologies fuel employee satisfaction and drive business productivity.

Our automation consultants dig to get to the heart of your company to achieve a solution that empowers you.

Jaam are the automation experts

The team at Jaam have come together after decades of working in every key role within automation and broader technology companies . We put people at the heart of everything we do.


Rigid, unfulfilling work structures are outdated. Jaam promotes flexibility, sustainability and satisfaction within our solutions, starting with both ongoing and project-based automation consultations.


Our team work in line with any modern business strategy and are confident that we can deliver successful automation for your business.

Ready for a solution?

Automation can be intimidating. At Jaam, we don’t want it to be.

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Our technologies


Every organisation has process. From sales to support or HR to finance, work needs to flow. We provide best of breed workflow automation technologies to allow you to digitize your processes to orchestrate people, robots, and data.


Remove repetitive and mundane tasks from people in your organisation and let them focus on more valuable work. Our robots can be used to automate repeatable tasks, carry them out at a fraction of the time a human take, all in a very consistent way.

Data automation and API flows

Every organisation has data but it’s often disconnected. This makes it hard to use in a meaningful way or utilize it across a business. This is where a data integration platform can revolutionize how you connect your data in one central place.

Document Automation.

We live in a world where 70% of all document related processes are still manual. Mistakes are all to common when creating documents, especially contracts. How can we create efficiencies, reduce risks, and enable compliant documents – step in Document Automation.


Use chatbots to provide real time knowledge, advice, and services to drive great customer experiences. They can help you triage requests, narrow down who your customer needs to speak to, or drive decision making in a conversational using natural language processing to simplify the interaction between humans and computers.

Communication Analytics

How do you turn unstructured communications like email into actionable information? The is where machine learning steps in. The RE:Infer platform allows your organisation to easily train models to classify and tag communications so it can be analysed in real time, providing actionable insights that drive process efficiencies

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